• FORD X Dell Technologies

    Redefining mobility on the road

    • Company: Ford Motor Company
    • Industry: Automotive
    • Headquarters: Dearborn, Michigan

    If you change how people work, you change what they’re capable of. Ford Motor Co. knew this back in 1903 with the invention of the assembly line — forever transforming the auto industry. See how over a century later, Ford is again shifting gears.

    Innovation is the new “Job 1.”

    Innovation isn’t new to Ford. The assembly line enabled widespread adoption of the automobile. That kind of breakthrough thinking had the ability to transform the very fabric of society — and Ford is at it again. With people again as their key focus, Ford’s shifting industries from being a car company, to being a mobility company. With the help of Dell Technologies solutions, Ford is automating, iterating and innovating as fast as possible.

    “I’m most excited about the opportunity to redefine the automotive industry, and really make it the mobility industry.”

    Marcy Klevorn, President, Ford Mobility

    The driving force behind an industry revolution.

    By embracing a startup and software development mentality, Ford’s Mobility division is banking hard on transportation services — a $5.4 trillion market. They’re looking long-term and bringing the best tools possible to their workforce for rapid, continuous development and testing. With a Pivotal Labs partnership in place, they’re leveraging a world-class platform to democratize mobility — and bring it to market sooner than you think.

    Automated for the people.

    A fundamental shift in the workplace is looming. Take a deeper dive into how human-machine partnerships are shaping the future of auto manufacturing — from robotics, to AI, to VR.